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Pam Smith, a native of Alabama holds a B.S., M.S. and Ed.S degrees in Music Education from Jacksonville State University. After a successful Twenty-eight year career as a director of bands in the public school system, she retired in June 2011 to purse her interest in nature photography.

While wildlife and photography were always an interest it was a photo safari to Africa in 2002 that awakened a serious passion for nature photography. Since that date, she has returned to Africa six times to experience the wonders and beauty of Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa. Other recent travel include The Galapagos Islands, Costa Rica, British Columbia, London, The Shetland Islands and Yellowstone & The Grand Teton National Parks as well as photographing the local natural beauty.

Pam seeks to inspire others to value our natural world through her print photography as well as combining her love of music and nature to produce educational, travel and motivational DVDs



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Galapagos Islands 2009

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Costa Rica 2010

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London 2012

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